Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thousands gathered at the Lake Worth Pier last night at sunset to view the rising SUPERMOON. Well, maybe hundreds, but it seemed like more, as we circled the lower parking lot. We hoped we would be in time to see it pop over the horizon. Not to worry. I saw it popping as we followed our neighbor up on the fence. A first ever for me, to see the moon rise with no haze or clouds on the horizon. So, what's the big deal? A full moon at it's perigee-syzygy! That's what. It's perfectly aligned with the setting sun and at it's closest point to the Earth in 18 years. It appears 15% larger and brighter to the eye than at the the apogee, the opposite point of it's eliptical orbit. Is it a coincidence that earthquakes and tsunamis have been associated with this phenomonon in the past? I guess we just had to be there with the crowd to experience it. Most people don't think about this as they snap away - some with strobes blasting. We use strobe for one shot when the sunset glow starts to fade. We keep our perch until cars start pouring out of the upper lot. Not so fast. It's hurry up and wait. An actual traffic jam. Looking toward the Casino shops, one thing is for sure. We have a better plan. With an eye on the prize we make our way to NYPD Pizza, where people in the know are lining up for some great pizza. If you are wondering why it is not bright like South Beach, the street lights are off at night to protect the sea turtles. But Neon prevails at NYPD and the romantic light of the moon lingers on the water as the stream of cars with weary passengers continues. Tip of the Day: Get there early and have an exit strategy. Many Happy Moons, Leora All rights reserved ©2011 LEORA LONG

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Don't wait. You can see my rockin' video on YouTube right now.

OK. It was fun putting my photos in an entertaining format. But it did take a while to crack the code on the production of it. I loved adding the background music with Acid Loops. Hope you like it.

Not? Turn off the sound.

You can access this video anytime by going to "My Links" in the right hand column where you will also find my photo galleries.

After that take a trip back to July 2009 for my first post, "My Beginnings". Find what got me started in photography.

Tip of the Day: Just keep workin' it.

Have a nice day!


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Friday, January 1, 2010


That's what I like to think as I start the new year. I get so psyched when I think that 2 of my nieces are following in my footsteps as photographers. I am so glad that they share my passion for the medium.

If you go to Amanda's website you will feel the joy in her work and blog.

And Heaven is so proud of her original work, coming soon on Flickr.

Palm Beachers, enjoy the sky from the North West terrace of the new County Convention Center, especially at sunset. I believe the architect had this in mind when he spanned the western sky with his arches.


Tip of the Day: Pick a project, any project. Finish it, and you will not be disappointed.

I wish everyone passion and joy in the new year,


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Thursday, December 24, 2009


As the holidays draw near, I am checking City Place for signs of Christmas spirit and I find some glowing snowflakes on the face of the Harriet Himmel Theatre and Cultural Center in West Palm Beach.

I am happy to find this angle from the Brewzzi deck for my first photo.

Many people are drawn to the open plaza and Il Bellagio fountains, surrounded by a great selection of shops and restaurants.

On December 15, "Jewish Rock" and Chabad of West Palm Beach fill the bandshell with a backdrop of the largess of local merchants for this charitable season.

The band's R & R and a Chanukah message hold the crowd, as twilight falls.

As the lights get brighter, the Christmas tree looks like it is covered in snow, while mini strobe lights are going off.

A Menorah shares the festivities, with the Shamash and 5 candles lit for Chanukah.

As I walk around to the other side of the plaza, I can't keep my eyes off the giant snowflakes, now brilliant against the darker sky.

Behind the tree, Brewzzi beckons with its tastey homemade brews.

The stairway/escalator leads to the open air bar and numerous dining opportunities with generous indoor parking within reach.

Restoration Hardware anchors the Plaza on Rosemary Avenue which travels to and from Okeechobee with floating snowflakes overhead and a continuous parade of cars.

This includes a stretch limo, pausing on the left, for the bride to sneak a peek at the tree.

Tip of the Day: Never underestimate the power of "please."

Hope your holidays are full of peace, love and light,


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wonders of the Blogisphere

This was fun. I just "googled" Leora Long Photography at, because I am a Google Blogger.

I was pleased to find my photos appearing or "tagged" on other blogs.

The first one was by Gaia, the perfume finder extraordinaire, who posted this photo of mine in her August 31 blog, "The Lost Perfumes," with a credit to my name.

Gaia's source was one of the photos I posted from a perfume shoot for "Farouche" by Nina Ricci, depicting the beautiful Lalique crystal bottle. Here is my post which includes the Cover ad which ran in the New York times.

You can enjoy Gaia's experiences in locating exotic beauty and perfume products like Farouche in her popular blog "The Non-Blonde".

Elizabeth Loupas found the same photo in July and has created a charming historical context for Farouche on her blog, subtitled "the time traveler's life."

My photo "Alone at Last" of models Rhonda and Ronnie in Negril, Jamaica, was also on It appears on in a collection of "blue" photos, because of my "blue" tag.

So tags do work!

One of my favorite things about Jamaica is Rick's Cafe, where "the thrill of a life time" is to dive off the cliff.

I know. I did it from the top level as did my model, Ronnie.

More about Rick's.

Tip for a rainy day: "Google" yourself, but be sure to use Google.

Enjoy it,


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Sunday, November 29, 2009


First light of day hits the Southernmost tip of the United States in my photo of a Key West mansion. This is "Magic Hour."

And breakfast is right across the street at the Southernmost Cafe.

During the time around sunrise or sunset the light is warm and magical. You can get some awesome photos, if you know how to work with the sun.

In this scene of the Lake Worth pier stretching out to the sun, I expose for the beach. This opens the lens to what my eye sees, instead of closing it down for the sun. I'm shooting super wide with my Nikon and my 18mm lens with optical correction. This prevents a curved horizon.

Part of the reason we keep coming back to this beach is John G's, the world famous restaurant for yummy breakfast and lunch.

At Vineyard Haven Harbor on Martha's Vineyard Island my partner, Bill Long, captures this pre-dawn shot of the Black Dog Fleet. He isolates the ships from the vast harbor scene with the 80-200mm lens, capturing a warm glow amidst a fall chill.

And warm pastries await at the Black Dog Tavern near by. Have you seen their T-shirts?

I am psyched about shooting at dawn on Staten Island with Jane Miller, an adventurous model from Canada.

Bill leads us to the old fair ground site, where ruins of the Amusement Pier are waiting. I'm using a 20mm lens to make the model look statuesque in a Bill Tice gown. After scanning the Kodachrome I add contrast and saturation to create some drama.

Warning: High Sun!

Midday is the hardest time to shoot because of harsh light with unflattering shadows. But you can create some shade without losing the sparkle. Cindi always looks good in hats.

Or you can just work the sun's angle. Shooting Carol Gustafson lying down on a jetty in South Hampton, I turn the sun into my own key light, minimizing the shadows.

On Paradise Island in the Bahamas one July day, I shoot three national ads in high sun. Robby Len Swimwear and Ron Rice of Hawaiian Tropic Products are producing a joint campaign with double-page ads and billboards. We are guests of Resorts International.

We set up for a wide view on the beach with a blue horizon, so canopies and scrims are not an option. My two clients have decided to share the frame, so I'm going for my 28mm lens to balance the size and sharpness of the products in the foreground with the models in the background.

But what about the high sun? No problem. The solution is Sunglasses, artfully handled by models Carol and Becka.

And what about shooting directly into the sun?

Well, I like experiments. I am wearing one of Bill Tice's gowns with a flowing scarf. I want to see if I can channel Ava Gardner in "One Touch of Venus." I am going to pose in the high grass at Great Kills Beach in Staten Island and Bill is the photographer. It's mid-afternoon and he is ready with his Nikon and Tri-X film. All I say is "try a low angle with the sun behind me."

Bill gauges his exposure for the dress and the result is exactly the photo I was looking for. It is easy to print. I just burn in the sky leaving a mysterious glow and it's ready for the wall in the studio.

A successful collaboration! Just one of many to come.

Photographers are grateful for late afternoon light, which gets warmer and more flattering as the sun gets lower. No fill is required in Bill's front lit shot of Kirsten in Norma Kamali. She doesn't even blink. And what about that tan!

And ... action! I am walking backwards with the camera, as Cindi picks up the pace for her jog in the sun's glow.

When Magic Hour returns, I feel it. And I remember it well from Bill's photo taken on the Sunset Pier in Key West.

Exposing for the sun turns the ship into a silhouette for an iconic end of day event: the Sunset Cruise.

Head for the Harbor View Cafe at the Pier Hotel and sit on the deck to appreciate the view, music and food.

Tip of the day: Go find your Magic Hour.

Yours truly,


All rights reserved © 2009 Leora Long and © 2009 Bill Long

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Take a second to set your screen at 150% to see the photos larger.

This Halloween I finally get out of the Tower -- Ivory that is. I am seeking humanity in all its fabulous forms. Power to the People!

Bill and I like Shooters Waterfront Cafe in Ft. Lauderdale. After we watch a video of their lively 2008 Party with the sensational Riverdown Band, we know exactly where we want to go to see it ALL.

We hit the road for Shooters, arriving at Twilight....

Witchy Woman is on deck and yachts are rafted 4-deep.

We observe the gathering of Goulish Ghosts and

Ghastly Goblins.

But I am no match for the Wicked Witch of the West

and her band of Hellish Harpies

winners of Miami radio's "2009 93ROCK Halloween Contest".

A Nifty Nurse stands by, eager to help,

while hopefuls amass out front to compete for Best Costume and Hottest Bod.

Some contestants cause a double take on the dock.

Adam and Eve make multiple appearances

in different guises with snakes in tow.

Some Raggetty Dolls will do anything for a beer,

and this Fantastic Four must be up to something,

while Marshal Dillon returns to Dodge City with the Ladies of Gunsmoke.

And which yacht did my friend with this hat come from?

As I ponder this array of salty specimens, the Grim Reaper sneaks up on me....

but I escape to the bar, crowded by people, TVs and yachts,

to get a delicious, chilly Chardonnay from the Pirate Lass.

If you wonder what to wear on Halloween, all witches wear black, like my Sassy Sisters,

as well as Sexy Soulmates,

and a Sultry Spirit floating in with The Batman.

Black is also a favorite of Batgirls,


and Headless Honchos.

But RED is everywhere, the predominant fashion statement of the evening --

from the Russian table -- really --

to the Saudi Power Couple -- as if --

to Little Miss Red on the waterfront.

But don't you agree that this Red Beauty should win for moxy?

Meet my friend, Dennis Higgins, the real deal. He is an Irish FDNY veteran that will provide the bagpipes and drums for any event -- fdnydigger@yahoo.

But what's up with this "tattoo shirt" on my Biker friend. I say,"No pain, no gain."

What's wrong with this picture? Two handsome Jokers with perfect teeth!

And the Cop and the Perp are doing time together.

Behold! The Bishop and the Barmaid!

At 10 O'clock Riverdown is Rockin' and Rollin'.

Jimi Robinette is the Lead Vocalist,

Clint Ettorre is on Guitar and does vocals,

Howi Hughes is on Bass Guitar,

and CJ Wereski is on Drums.

Jimi rocks it.

I think I'll dance all night

with my new X-friends, Mystique and Wolverine

and roll with the rockin' Riverdown Band.

Thanks, Jimi!

Catch him below in the 2009 video, featuring a colorful crowd at Shooters Waterfront Cafe. See "Oz Fest" winning the $5,000 first place award for costumes in the 93ROCK Halloween Contest (updated 3/18/10).

A tip for the day after: Put Shooters on your calendar for Halloween 2010."

Until next Halloween,

Witchy Woman

All rights reserved © 2009 Leora Long and © 2009 Bill Long